R’s Room

Mini’ R’s room –  2 years.

  workroo   hpim4101

Little boys, with lots of toys, love to make a lot of noise…

Mini R’s room was a strange old room. It was bright sea blue with flaking white ceiling and genuine 50 year old Axminister carpeting on the floor. Such a shame it was full of fleas! 

 goingroo    workroo

Even at 5, he was great helper!. So we ripped it up and washed it down, and for the first 18 months, mini R had to have this room as it was.  This room was an odd ‘L’ shape, as there was a back door at the end of the hallway, right opposite his own doorway. This doorway was useless, as you had traverse through the bedrooms to use it, so our plan to remove it, block it up and remove the internal walls around it would mean a big bedroom for him down the track. Big enough to incorporate a playroom as well as bedroom needs.

hpim3480   hpim3481

You can see here on the unpolished  boards, where the back door and internal wall used to be.

After 18 months, we were able to put him in another room whilst we set to work. We ripped out the ‘L’ shaped internal wall and closed off the old back door.  Put in a new set of double windows made from silky oak, built in a floor to ceiling wardrobe and desk area. Now it’s a real boys room.

He loves it!

   img028   hpim4101


Of course, it usually looks more like this! BOYS!

2 Responses to “R’s Room”

  1. Kate Says:

    Its gorgeous (I almost said beautiful and then decided to make it a boyish word!).
    You guys totally outdo my versions of DIY, my house is all bits and bobs and random attempts at demolition.
    Lurve the floors too very nice.

  2. Guera Says:

    The room looks great now! I pulled up some of that sort of carpet when we moved into our house and it was putrid! I hate to think how many years of dust and grime were in it.

    I am loving all your reno stories – inspiration for when I do mine!!

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