July 2003

A letter to mum, July 2003

July 2003

It’s been such a long time since I did an update, for that I apologise. After all, with Ross’s redundancy smacking us in the face like it did, we have had so many other focuses instead! Anyway, thought I better get this off before mum leaves Perth (Hi Mum!!) tonight, to fly over and spend a month with us in Paradise. (see it’s not raining today and I am in a T shirt!!).

Now that things are settling down, we have had a little, not a lot, of time to get back into the renovations. So far, the concept of doing it ourselves using recycled, vintage and/or antique materials has proved a challenge – not so much in fitting them, but more in locating what we want. Some compromises are now being made – I have a desire for NEW architraves, skirtings and power points (wouldn’t you?) The gutting of the old lounge room was fun, and many months later the new walls are in place. There is a floor (gasp!) and we were fortunate in scoring some early 1900’s floorboards through an auction, that we used to make the floating floor ourselves, right down to the ‘floats supporters” which came from the same place. Seems these are old schoolhouse boards, once sanded they will be lovely. There is a ceiling now – my how we move up in the world – but yet to have the holes and seams plastered. The VJ’ boards and dado rail are almost finished, and one can actually see that a room is taking shape. The fireplace should come out next weekend, but then again…… The best thing – the room, all self built does not leak! (small happy dance). Thankyou, Thankyou….

The leadlight front door looks lovely, and we have the matching bi-fold doors in where the lounge will step up to what will be  the new master bedroom. All very pretty.

In the guest room (where we now sleep) all that’s left to do are the architraves and a little plastering, and hang the new door. Then, when we move out of it, I can paint it (how exciting!)  The hallway only awaits it repaired dado rails, the new office needs the charming pink rosebud wall paper stripped off and painted, and Rielly’s room – the new windows and door – oh, and the removal of the wall…. (sigh).

Steptoe and wife next door have settled down, seemingly over their tanty about us ripping out the gross concrete eagles from the garden (shudder). Wait till we tell them we are putting in a 6 foot picket fence down that side, I am sure they will step out to tantyville again.

The poor old Hill’s hoist fell down (everybody say ‘Ohhhhh’) I hung up a sisal rug to dry and the whole concoction tipped goat over brisket, so I had to get a new clothesline. (everybody say ‘yayyyy’).

So today, I am paper working and invoicing then doing the school reports, followed by sourcing the last amount of floorboards needed to refloor the hallway, then the whole house is ready to have the boards sanded. That won’t happen for ages though – there are still 3 rooms to gut walls from first, the new bathroom, kitchen and laundry to go in and the ensuite to build and…….. gawd, I need a cuppa.



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