Vanishing Act

They are gone. With a puff of emphysema and a one eyed knee twitch, they have moved to their new abode. I just wish they had taken their stuff with them!   With the anticipation of having 2 full days to clean up before our own van arrives, it was only natural that we thought we had stacks of time. We really did not count on them leaving so much of their own stuff here. Isn’t there a law against that? There is no way we can get all of this out in 3 days, let along clean it – and trust me, it’s absolutely filthy.

I can’t believe the crap they left behind. Rocking chair, a roll top desk, a wardrobe, a dead leather chair, dead bedside tables, tools, machinery, clothing, dishes, a lounge suite, a wall unit, bookshelves…  just to name a few.  I just wanted to bury my head in the sand. 

Some left over treasures for us – a lounge suite, a dart board, piranha teeth (!!!!!) dead carpet, old grungy shoes. Ergh. Even the pot plants. The dog poo. All here for us.

More treasures – a knife and fork in case you get hungry. A wall unit to store your own stuff in, in case they didn’t leave us enough.  A dilapidated laundry trolley, fence pickets sitting atop besa blocks (tasteful!!) to keep their dogs out,  fly screen doors with no fly screen. This awful old bar (see there is a ship in a bottle!) was still laden with empty sticky spirit glasses and empty bottles. (Yes that’s me reflected in the broken mirror tiles) And see the extension cord? That operates the porch lights!

Or, below – how about a tasteful, real Aussie authentic barbecue? There are even left over chop bones in the grate – instant flavour! 

I always hear of people finding ‘treasure’ in old houses. The only ‘real’ treasure” we found, was a genuine wall mounted oil lamp.   We kept that :)

A sample of the food, grime and dirt left behind. This is cooking residue under the cupboards.

A sample of the food, grime and dirt left behind. This is cooking residue under the cupboards.

Roll up the sleeves and jump on in. This is the laundry shed, the only way to remove the grime was let the walls soak in CRC and sugar soap and then blast them off with a gurni.  That’s the best way to tackle any job that looks daunting isn’t it? Attractive look!

And the state of the art carport, (That’s a roller door rolled on the side there, left for us. Did they think we would actually install it on this? It would fall down!)

Can you see yet why I am thinking this was a baaa-aa-aad idea?   By the end of the 2 days, we have filled 6 (six) skips with their left behinds. You can see here, this one was specific to old car parts. The real estate sign is still up behind it. Great advertising, Harcourts!

We have yet to move our own stuff, and an extension on our own settlement is now too late to arrange. People move into our (clean, immaculate, modern brick) former home the day we move out.  I’ll write again soon.

Diarised end of September, 2002

You can find the finished photos here, if you are impatient to see how the renos finished up :)


One Response to “Vanishing Act”

  1. M & B Says:

    I think I’ll have that Jack Daniel’s now. I bet your hubby copped an earful in the early days, but he obviously had good visions… I peeked!

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