This was once a bedroom. It was wallpapered in a hideously old floral and someone had done a *very* dodgy job in trying to turn it fom a bedroom into a seperate ‘retreat’. Believe me, you needed a retreat to get away from the retreat…. A ‘doorway’ of sorts had been cut through from the master bedroom, and the original doorway from the hall to this room, closed off. 

 This photo was taken *after cleaning* but before we did any work to the room. A very bad attempt at a built in robe was across one side of the room, at the rear.

Since these shots were taken, we have removed the robe, ripped off all the wallpaper and sealed off the doorway. Downlights replace the awful light fitting. The room has been replastered, had an new robe that coverts to office storage fitted, and timber blinds at the window. The old doorway has returned to a wall.

Now we can run the business with some order!