Guest Room

This room started it’s life with us as our room. This was the original Master bedroom. It had one tiny sash window on the left hand side of the room, about 2 feet wide and 3 feet high.

Another small window above the bed, the walls painted beby poo yellow and the window frames a muddy brown.

This is dirt you can see on the baby poo yellow walls, not shadows. It took us quite a few hours to scrub it. It is actually dust, grime and gekko poo :(     In layers.


We cleaned and scrubbed until it looked like this.

bedroombed          bedroomwindow1

We used this room as our main bedroom for a year, while the rest of the front was being demolished and rebuilt.  Over the 3 years, the tiny window and outside fibro wall has been removed, and 4 lovely big old silky oak casement windows have been put in.  Yes, we actually slept in this room while this work was underway.   Then we moved to our new bedroom whilst Grandma visited – and back to the old room again in November 2004 so we could finish the bedroom, kitchen, laundry and ensuite.


Yes – all the moving around has given me the shits.

Finally, we moved into our own room (gee, we are growing up!) and the room became a real guest room. It’s very soft and feminine, since we have more females or couples staying with us than single males.   This is the room that is haunted. You are welcome to visit. :)

hpim4088            hpim4091

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