Master Bathroom

From white ant eaten damp rot:      To this: 3 years


This is to tell the tale of the transformation of the Master Bathroom.  It was not one of the first rooms done – in fact, it was a fair way down the track, but it’s a good place to start. And start here I must, because the basis of this room was the re plumb of all the pipes and anything to do with waterworks, which of course incorporated every wet area of the house.


This is how it looked at settlement – dirty (you have come to expect that, right? ) with this ikky weird over the loo shelf, resplendent purple walls and tiles with grey grout on 2 walls and black grout on the other 2.  See the shower glass wall there? That’s DIRT and WAX and STUFF, not a shadow, and it did eventually scrub off. How people bathed in there with that though really grossed me out. Urgh.   You can see the sliding door with no pelmet, (noice), and a view straight out that awful front extension they had built. A loo with a view when you poo…    Or if you were on the right section of the street, a view of the loo…
The shower base sank, so we had to do some serious work under there before we could do anything else. Any fix was temporary, as we were going to redo this room eventually…  A right royal scrubbing, 2 bottles of domestos, a new loo seat  and that trusty gurni later, we could at least shower and wash in cleanliness, if not style!!   Below, is the bathroom cleaned, and we used this bathroom in it’s shown state from 2002 until 2005, when we demolished it. We rebuilt in 2005 / 2006, and finished it properly in 2007 (we could not use the room for that duration) but  by then had built the en suite and used that for the time.

In 2005 we demolished the bathroom entirely.


Most of the findings were rather gruesome and grossly grissly. The rot in the walls was pretty extreme, and there was old fibro underneath the Masonite. We estimate whomever did the purple renovation, probably in the 80s, was responsible for this.  (Look, there’s my old brown doggie supervising. We lost him January 2008. How I miss old brown doggie)

During 2006, we built the room in and extended it out to under the eaves.  You can see here how we incorporated the eave area to accomodate  the spa. We have installed glass wall bricks in a window, which opens for ventilation, and started panelling halfway up the wall in VJ boards. 


New structure floor below it all (we had to replace rotted joists under here, which took up a chunk of 2006).

And finally, a nice, new bathroom is born, in 2007.

It didn’t get painted until 2008, but hey, why rush these things?

For those interested in specifics: The cabinetry and toilet seat are solid Jarrah, the doors on the overhead cabinets are inlaid stained glass. The spa is a 2 person, semi sunk with overhead shower. I am still to finish this room with a frameless half screen aside the spa.

So that’s the story of the master bathroom.  There are more bathroom photos at the renovation photo album.