Tree Feller

Whilst 6 years worth of renovations are taking place *inside* the outside is coming along nicely too.   At some point, we knew we could no further without some big ticket items, which all had to occur around the same time. 

We wanted to put in a new shed and a pool. We needed a new roof (ours was asbestos and had to be replaced). To replace the roof, a truck would be needed in the yard. This would dig up the yard. We needed a new driveway – no point doing this until the roof was done. We needed a new shed – this would have to be demolished anyway – (you’ve seen the photos!) and there was a large white ant infested tree which needed to come down. The shed was under the tree. The tree was over the roof of the house. The driveway leads to the tree and the shed. See the connection?

So, in order –

1. tree revoval and shed demolition.
2. pool dug, soil from pool hole to fill in white ant eaten root system of tree.
3. roof on.
4. new shed erected.
5. pool dug and concreted.
6. New driveway, after all machinery  has finished!!.
7. refence and make safe.

All this was taking place over 4 weeks. Together. Simultaneously. Right on the lead up to Christmas.

It was one of the few things that went perfectly well. No hitches!

Here are the shots of the tree coming down. It was a HUGE tree, and this guy did it all via the monkey system, no cherry picker, just ropes, a chainsaw and packet of rollies.  If you zoom in on some of them you can see him stopping for a ciggie break every branches or so.  And you will also see where he saves a magpie nest and eggs for me. (Relocated to another safe place).  Shots of stages 2 -7 still heading your way. Stay tuned!

The magic disappearing shed

So, the tree is down.

The garage, which is nothing more than white ants and rusty corrogutaed iron, is next to go. Ready?

yardshed  A younger small person sizes it up and measures…
Someone a few years older removes some scary looking bits…
(Hey hon, how about removing the trailer from in there before the shed falls on it?)
A few more vital bits removed, and the last of the debris inside carted away…
A good push – and she’s gone.
Charter boat? What charter boat?